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Dear camper, this is the moment you're going to learn some more about our campsite's infrastructure and which facilities are available on-site.

As an additional aid, we prepared and uploaded a site map for you.

The site map shows you where everything is located: the pitches, sanitary facilities, the car wash, the parkland with its lawns for sunbathing, the restaurant, etc. The map gives you further orientation, particularly, if you are visiting Country Campsite Seemuehle for the first time. Generally the map helps our guests to describe and localise their place of choice.

For instance, "sanitary facilities" houses what is normally needed for washing, e.g. showers, toiletts, a sewer for your chemical toilet, sinks for dishwashing, washbasins, mirrors with shelves and sufficient socket oulets to use your shavers and hairdryers on spot.

If you wish to hear about our pitches and the available supply in more detail, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to answer your questions individually.


Site map


Have a look around and get a first impression of our camping site. See where everything is located, get a feel for walking distances on-site.

Find the info booth which first greets you upon your arrival, the santiary facilities, one of the central spots here, and - last but not least - the different zones of pitches. It's all in the site map!



 We offer many pitches, each in their own fashion and style - not a single one is the same.
Some of them are surrounded by trees and bushes, others stand free. Depending on their position and time of the year, each of them allow different portions of sun. Pitches at country campsite Seemuehle.

Sanitary facilities

infrastuktur-teaserboxWhen it comes to the perfect camping holiday, proper clean sanitary facilities are a must! That is why we take all matters of cleanliness seriously.

Click to obtain an overview of our sanitary facilities, the toilets, the showers, the sinks, the car wash, etc.

Holiday Campsite Seemuehle

Relax and commune with nature

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